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Are you constantly spending all day trying to get rid of those hard-to-remove spills, stains, and odors on your brand-new and idyllic carpet? Are you using the right cleaning solutions and equipment for the job? Do you have kids and pets that constantly run around leaving a tidal wave of garbage and mess for you to clean up after?

Basically if your rug sees more bad days than good ones, then we are the professional carpet cleaning company that you can count on.​We aim to provide the most professional, fastest and thorough cleaning services for your household; while also ensuring that we offer competitive rates to ensure your house not only stays neat and tidy, but also offer a healthy environment for you and your family.​

About Our Carpet Cleaning Company

JH's Carpet Cleaners is anything but another basic carpet cleaning company. Not only do we have decades of credible and reliable experience, we also utilize proficient cleaning techniques, state-of-the-art utensils and best of all eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

The overall positive customer satisfaction that we have accumulated during that time truly speaks for itself. This has only been made possible by our unwavering urge to learn and grow with each customer we serve in terms of services, as well as the professionals that provide those services at your behest.

Our work has been revered not just throughout Sault Ste. Marie ON, but also through other various cities and regions outside of it which falls in line with our plans for growing our business even further.

Our true concern is that you only get the best rug cleaning services at the most reasonable prices without any doubts or frustrations going forward. Give us a try today, start by calling now to get your free estimate.​

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Learn More About Our Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of cleaning services. We specialize in cleaning residential and commercial carpets, upholstery, area rug, grout & tile cleaning, as well as spots, odor, and pet stain removal. Our team is well-equipped and highly trained to remove stains using either steam or chem-dry method. No matter where you are in Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma District or any surrounding area, our team of cleaners are always ready for action and will rush right to your location in a matter of minutes after the first phone call. We provide a variety of cleaning services to ensure that your household’s interior looks spiffy and sophisticated like a luxurious hotel or mansion.

You might think that cleaning rugs are no big deal, but we assure you that doing so will be beneficial to not just you but also your entire family as the benefits listed below suggests.​

residential carpet cleaners working

​Residential Carpets

​Given how carpets are part of the overall interior decor of your house, we understand how much you pour your heart and soul to do everything you can to keep them clean from stains, odors, dirt, and grimes. That is why it is essential that you contact a professional cleaning service provider such as JH's Carpet Cleaners to ensure they are properly maintained and beautified. We will have those nasty stains out of your mats with our company-branded shampoo as well as our deep or steam cleaning methods. As a matter of fact, our services are so effective that we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

A man clean commercial space

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A prestigious and top-of-the-line business has to have a professional-looking interior when conducting dealings with customers or even competitors, and that is why having clean runners serve as one of the essential factors to the overall appeal of a business. Our team of professional carpet cleaners will ensure that your company’s wall-to-walls not only end up completely stain and dirt free, but also leave the air around smelling fresh without any speck of dust lingering around.

Tiles cleaning with machine

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Even surfaces that are as sturdy as tiles are not immune to dirt or wear and tear. You may find it unnecessary to do so at the start but will eventually over time. To spare yourself of what could possibly be hours of constant scrubbing and wiping, give JH's Carpet Cleaners a call and we will have it done for you in a jiffy at affordable rates.

A worker Cleaning sofa

Upholstery and furniture are some of the trickiest items to clean due to how expensive they are. That is why people who value their furniture end up skipping out on cleaning those areas. The worst part is that after homeowners put in much of their efforts towards cleaning, the stains or odor might linger on and never even come off. Fortunately, our company has both the equipment and the expertise to give your upholstery and furniture the best cleaning possible without doing any harm in return.

Two cleaner clean area rug

​Area rugs are known to give rooms more personality, keep floor surfaces safe, and are also easier to clean than some other surfaces. Despite that, rugs cannot escape the wrath and mayhem of under-aged kids as well as playful pets that cause odor, dirt, and discoloration. Many adults also consider buying a new rug when the old one has a couple of stains on it. But if you were to contact our company, you would not need to waste your money on all those extra expenses.

Two hand with a pet on a cleaning session

Pet Stains Removal

​People who own pets obviously love them with every fiber of their being, but them helping themselves to carpets, rugs, or furniture is not part of the deal. Some pet owners might overlook the “accidents” of their fluffy companions, but that is not a given when it comes to relatives, friends, or guests who drop by for a visit. That does not account for those who might be allergic to such things. Don't you worry, we are animal lovers as well and we know a thing or two about taking care of the mess that our pets leave in their path, thanks to our superior sofa cleaning and effective mat stain remover.

Why you should take advantage of our professional carpet cleaning services

You might think that cleaning carpets are no big deal, but we assure you that doing so will be beneficial to not just you but also your entire family as the benefits listed below suggest. Apart from removing stubborn and lingering stains and odors, cleaning your mats and rugs brings a number of health benefits for you and those who live with you:

Promotes a Healthier Environment: Carpets are known for housing a wide range of allergens, bacteria and dust particles. These spell trouble for those who experience breathing problems on a daily basis as it could lead to further health issues like allergies and asthma. Furthermore, the contaminants that thrive within mats can cause harm to the health of other individuals such as young children and the elderly. Vacuuming indeed aids in the removal of dust mites, bacteria, and dirt to an extent. However, it doesn’t completely get the job done allowing these contaminants to accumulate and worsen over time. That is why only professional rug cleaning companies are effective in removing bacteria, dust mites, as well as other allergens to ensure homeowners and their family members can breathe easy and reduce contracting breathing-related issues or any other health problems.

Improves Airflow: Another reason why you should clean your tapestry of any dirt, dust, and debris is that it could hamper the airflow around your house, or at least the area where the tapestry is. This becomes an even bigger issue for areas alongside walls where the air needs to move around the most. As a result, people with dusty and dirty mats start noticing the air becoming quite stuffy and unpleasant after some time. Regular vacuuming is not enough to cut it when it comes to removing dirt and other debris, which is why you should have professionals clean it regularly to improve the overall air quality and flow around your house.

No Residues: Although vacuums don’t necessarily leave any residues behind, there are some machines that do, especially if they’re old or of cheap quality that tend to leave cleaning solution behind. Commercial cleaning products on the other hand are a much better option as they keep mat fibers free of any dirt or stains.

Extends Your Mat’s Life: It is a known fact that every man-made product succumbs to wear and tear, and mats are no exception. This is a given due to the runner being in high traffic areas but with professional cleaning equipment and expertise, it is possible to extend the lifespan of the carpet for many more years to come. Not only will your mat look good as new, but you can also enjoy the feeling that comes with it without always being bothered with regular cleaning.

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​We strive to provide only the most efficient, affordable and effective cleaning services that you could possibly imagine from simple carpet cleaning to pet stains removal and also tile and grout cleaning. We provide meticulous pre-inspection and pre-vacuuming services to devise the most feasible and high-quality services such as steam cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet restoration and carpet maintenance among so many others.