Area Rug Cleaning

A man cleaning area rugs and floorArea rugs add a touch of aesthetics to any room, especially hallways, lobbies, and any other area that helps protect the floors. It really matters if the floors are carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, or laminate, an area rug gives that much-desired touch-up to the overall decor of a room. The only problem with this is that area rugs are usually placed in high traffic areas which are where they accumulate mountains of dust and stains and whatnot.

Because area rugs are placed in areas where they attract dust, grime, and dirt, they have to be cleaned on a regular basis. Deep cleaning should especially be emphasized for area rugs since they are very good at harboring dust and allergens. If you use your house’s old vacuum cleaner, it won’t be enough to get rid of the dust that has taken refuge in the tiny fibers of your area rug. Our cleaning experts here at JH's Carpet Cleaners​ will provide you with the knowledge and the cleaning services to ensure your area rugs feel and smell fresh in appearance. We know about the vast majority of rug materials from Oriental to Persian, which is why it is essential that you contact us right away.

We promise to utilize specialized tools and equipment as well as a gentle but effective area and oriental rug cleaning and drying processes that are specially made to take care of any area rug stains, no matter the material as well as ensure that the fibers of your rug are not damaged or ruined in any way.


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