Hood Cleaning

What is the process of getting a professional hood cleaning for my restaurant? That is a typical question many restaurant owners and general managers have. Inquiring a professional and certified cleaning service company like Salt Lake City Hood Cleaning can assure the business owner of such requirements.

The process starts when the professional cleaning team arrives, they get a good look at what exactly they are dealing with then lay out a plan to tackle the project at hand. No kitchen is created equal, that is why it is important to hire a company who is comfortable with certain necessities surrounding your kitchen, ultimate personalization of services should always be expected.

After the plan has been laid out, the team begins to cover with tarp, the areas that will not be cleaned and need to stay free of water or chemicals. The idea behind this procedure is for the team to stay within the scope of the kitchen hood that needs to be cleaned and to always practice good cleaning techniques.

The team then begins to scrub, with industrial grade cleaning supplies, directly the tougher areas that will not be as easy to tackle with our already tough conventional scrub down. That way, when the scrub down happens it is much easier to eliminate grease and gunk accumulated from cooking food. Restoration of the burners, hood, exhaust and filters began to happen as the team tackled changing filters, cleaning exhaust systems and checking possible areas for potential mishaps like fires or health hazards.
After thoroughly cleaning the kitchen of your business or establishment, the team begins to finalize the completion of the process by rinsing and washing so operations can happen as soon as possible.


Stay safe, stay clean and carry on!