Pet Stain, and Odor Removal

A cat is walking in floor cleaning timeThose of us who own pets at homes can certainly relate to the kind of love and care that goes into feeding and raising them and how they are able to reciprocate those feelings back at us. Still, animals tend to do things their own way and with that in mind, they cannot help themselves when it comes to playtime or when nature gets the best of them during their ”accidents”. Pets urinate around the house as a way to mark their scent and let other animals know that they own a certain territory. Unfortunately, pet urine is comprised of four distinct components: bacteria, ammonia, uric acid, and hormones. This pungent smell is due to uric acid crystal that solidifies after some time. If this is leftover time, your health will be in jeopardy, especially when the crystals are reactivated by moisture during the summer when there is greater humidity in the air.

If you don’t end up cleaning your pet’s urine until it becomes crystallized, they won’t come off with any of the ordinary household cleaning solutions that you find at local supermarkets or stores. The best thing household cleaners can do is mask the odor but not get rid of the crystals. Thankfully, our patented, biodegradable, non-toxic product consists of a pleasant-smelling fragrance that neutralizes the odor, whereas the action from our bacterial enzyme ingests the crystals. This is also an effective method of dealing with pet dander and hair, which aggravates allergy and asthma symptoms.



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